The SAM company was set up to respond to the market for future of urban mobility. So as to rediscover the concept of efficient and environmentally friendly driving, one has to elaborate on solutions that are beyond imagination. So we did, and that is why we invented SAM, a vehicle that, with its visionary design and technical achievements, redefines the future!

SAM’s electric propulsion has been designed to make the most efficient use of energy and is not only emission-free but also provides an extremely comfortable and almost silent ride.

SAM opens a new chapter in the design and technology within the approach to the visionary vehicles of the future, with the emphasis on the electric vehicles concept.

Every detail of the vehicle has been optimized. This is reflected in the body, where every element contributes to the vehicle’s aerodynamics, as well as the tasteful, minimalist interior.

The innovative body shape, made of HDPE, consists of only four parts, and provides a large space in the vehicle’s interior while being extremely environmentally friendly to manufacture. This globally unique solution proves that SAM also cares about the environment in the production phase.

Our mission: SAM is designed in full accordance with the concept of sustainable development for use in large urban agglomerations. As a purely electric vehicle perfectly adapted to the requirements of emission-free operation, SAM guarantees sustainable and intelligent mobility.

The company is also working on a new vehicle, production of a four-wheeled SAM in the two- and four-seater version and the Cargo version will soon be launched.