The Facts


SAM is a visionary urban vehicle presenting a new approach to mobility. It combines innovative technical design and ease of use.Let yourself be carried away, become an explorer of urban space with SAM – a visionary work created by designers and engineers drawing inspiration from the future and opening a new chapter in automotive design.

Sit comfortably. Turn the key. Select a destination. Drive. Feel the pleasure of driving a vehicle that takes care of both your budget and the environment. A calm, smooth and noiseless ride will make your movement through the urban space an unusual adventure every day.

The pleasure of driving SAM is not all! The positive energy that emanates from SAM will inspire you and help you drive towards ever more ambitious goals.

The car’s inspiring and offbeat appearance proves that mobility can have a different dimension. By breaking stereotypes and conventions, by choosing the automotive future today, you will demonstrate that you care about simplicity, economy and a clean environment.